Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ernie and Hector

If you don't know about HECTOR and ERNIE you're missing a very cool story. ERNIE was a Vick dog but now he is rehabilitated. He has his very own blog. HECTOR - well, I told you about him on Thursday February 5th. HECTOR is one amazing dog. His friend ERNIE reminds me of PETE on The Little Rascals. For lots of neat info and pictures For the Love of Pit Bulls hops (I hop, you hop, he, she, it hops; we hop, you hop, they hop.). You can meet these guys and their friends on the Vick Dog Blog. AUDIE, GRACE, ZIPPY, JHUMPA JONES, UBA, JONNY JUSTICE, FRODO and TEDDLES. Well, that's about it for now. Sometimes you hop and sometimes you roll. That's how I roll. Sphere: Related Content

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