Friday, April 10, 2009

Good news on bust dog summit in Vegas

Thank you Donna.

Friday, April 10, 2009

"The hardest part of going to Vegas for us addicted-to-fresh-air types is moving through the haze of eye-burning, tongue numbing cigarette smoke. The things we do for our dogs. The bust dog summit (named this for now only because it's late and my eyes are still burning and I can't think of a better name) came together as planned on Wednesday of this week. The gathering helped us solidify our partnership with Best Friends, ASPCA and Animal Farm Foundation and - especially - to deepen our collective commitment to dogs caught up in raids and larger cruelty cases. We were happy to bring animal control association NACA in as a new partner, too. And we'll all be looking for a formal policy statement from HSUS that was promised as a result of the meeting."

"As much as we would love to, it's not appropriate to share details of the meeting in this space, but we DID notice that someone at HSUS has removed a provocative webpage from their Animal Sheltering website, once entitled, 'Explaining Your Policy of Not Placing Fighting Dogs Up for Adoption.'"

"This now-defunct position statement has driven us crazy for years: "Once dogs have been bred and trained to fight, they may become dangerous at any time in the future, killing or injuring another dog, cat, or even human. The cruel training inflicted upon these animals makes them unpredictable—and unsuitable for placement into new homes." But apparently, it's gone -- and good riddance."

"More to come. For now, off to snuggle with my dogs, who are wondering where we've been and why we smell like Pall Malls."

"To the left is Uba, way back when he was still an enigma."
Posted by Donna at 12:25 AM

[Here is UBA now.
On the right hand side just under HECTOR and ERNIE. UBA is not an enigma anymore.] Sphere: Related Content

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