Thursday, April 1, 2010

NASHOBA and his brothers.

NASHOBA means Red Wolf in Choctaw. He's a Pit Bull mixed with Carolina Dog, also known as the American Dingo, and who knows what else. NASHOBA lived on the mean streets in North Charlotte, started sleeping in a dilapidated van on the salvage yard property of B & B Used Auto Parts. One of the workers looked out for him and fed him, but after a few days the owners said "he's gotta go." Jason and Darlene didn't want to see him go to animal control. He would have been euthanized. Life is not real good for the Pit Bulls in Charlotte, NC. Unless they end up at the Humane Society of Charlotte, which cares for, rescues and adopts out Pit Bulls. On March 3rd FAMILY TAP got an email from Maureen Mahood of RescuedMe on asking if we could help this guy. On this day — which is called Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Good Friday, the Thursday before Easter — one year ago my Mom died. Edna was a true believer. She believed in helping people. Disabled veterans, the blind, families who can't feed their children, those who are homeless, Native American children who need help in learning, organizations that protect and defend wildlife and the earth — I suspect those she did for me, though we never talked about it. Edna walked in love every day of her life. I just hope that in my own charred perch kind of way I honor her. By helping guys like NASHOBA. Who has a mouth as soft as a gun dog and loves to throw his big paws around my neck and dance. Yep. He knows how to dance. Might as well be wild. Doesn't Talk Dog and doesn't understand what other four-leggeds are. No social skills and -- umm -- certainly no manners just yet. But he deserves a chance at life. I love you NASHOBA. And I love you Edna. Every day, every breath. Sphere: Related Content

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