Friday, April 23, 2010

Three women who can — and do.

Music so grand and so sweet in the background. Music. Always there to catch us when we fall.

Catherine Coulter owns 300 East in Charlotte, North Carolina has been in business for 25 years. Almost as long as Mirabelle on Sunset Cathy is a nurturer. Can't help herself. Helps people. All kinds of people. Musicians. Artists. Dancers. Mothers with too many children who don't even know they need help. Cathy also helped Obama in North Carolina, hosted the Obama guys when they were in town for about a month or so before the election. And of course she helps dogs. All kinds of dogs. And people who help dogs. Now she is helping the Pit Bulls. FAMILY TAP is at 300 East every Saturday. Or Sunday. Depending on the weather.

Donna Reynolds and her husband Tim Racer run BAD RAP. Donna is just about the smartest woman I've every met. Think Gretchen Wyler meets Annie Oakley. Gretchen founded the Genesis Awards a gazillion years ago. Annie Oakley was a legend. Enough said. Donna was there on the ground at the Michael Vick property when the feds went in. She was there on the ground in Kay County Oklahoma. Woman strong. Chop firewood. Carry water. Donna's also a poet. And a very wise person. She taught me about family. "Family is more than blood," she told me. About a year ago, after Edna died.

Laura Watts is an absoflippinglutely amazing sounding board and encyclopedic source of information on dogs medical, dogs behavioral and relationship based training. Her day gig is running Pineville Pet Quarters. No place in the greater Charlotte area takes better care of dogs. Full stop. Laura is also a trainer. But a trainer who is a behaviorist first, trainer second. She's right up there with Turid Rugaas. Her pack of Huskies — one or two of her guys have placed nationally in AKC agility invitationals — is poetry in motion. She also has a Dobenamed FUSION and a little red Dobe who happens to be blind and an achondroplastic dwarf named MARCO POLO. MARCO high-steps like a horse and is so endearing you can actually overlook the fact that given half a chance he will eat your finger if you give him a Charlee Bear. Laura worked as a vet tech for 20+ years in a 24/7 emergency veterinary hospital. Knows more about dogs than anyone I know except for Dr. John Winters. Sigh. Dr. Winters. I do love you. Sphere: Related Content

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