Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm really a very good dog — just waiting

My name is JERRY. I have bounced twice. Bounced is an old time word in rescue that means someone sent you back. It's kind of a nicer way of saying you were returned because you didn't work out. You can see more pictures of me here. I suppose I'm really not a seriously hard luck guy because now I'm back with my first foster Dad Bob. I really like him so much. He gives me lots of time and respect and understands the things that make me nervous. I really don't like when people I don't know come towards me and try to pet my head as if to say good boy, good dog. I'm not sure why this is such a bad thing? From my point of view it's just bad manners to get in someone's space without even so much as a good morning, how are you? I also don't like it when a human uses a mean voice with me. I remember from before — when I heard a mean voice — bad things happened. So when I hear a certain tone I get defensive, and like any other dog I have to let you know I really don't want you to come any closer. I don't understand why no one except Bob understands it's important to growl and give warning. Because all I'm really saying is I need more time. And space. You guys call it respect. That's what the other dogs give me. It's not such a difficult request, is it? It's not that I'm not happy here. My foster parents are super neat and I love them. But I know my rescue family thinks I need a special kind of home because I'm difficult. I'm not really. I've just bounced twice. So it's kinda hard for me to trust. You know what I mean? I do want a real home. Sometimes it makes me sad to think there are other guys waiting for my place here, to learn how to be a member of the pack — that I'm holding them up. I'm really a very good dog. If you'd like to meet me, or find out more about me, would you please talk to Bonnie Thorpe? She's the Adoption Coordinator for Carolina Basset Hound Rescue. 864-906-0650 Love, JERRY Sphere: Related Content

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