Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One little guy who chose life — Trouper Biscuit

"I do not know how he made it to our house.  We live about 1/2 mile off the paved surface road.  He had to cross a creek, fences etc., to get here."  *

He was found in Rockingham County NC, near Pittsylvania Co VA.  Steve sent the email below to a NASCAR official, who sent to a friend in Stokes County, NC.  The email thread ricocheted through county after county,  hitting states  up and down the East Coast.
On 9/26/2010 1:20 PM, Steve Chatham wrote:

Hey everyone -

Our dogs went crazy this morning barking at something in the shed.  It ended up being a dog taking refuge in a plastic trash can that was out
in the shed.

It's  a male, do not know how old.  I finally coaxed him out, and he has some pretty traumatic facial injuries. I have not been able to get my hands on him yet, so I do not know his temperament or anything about him.  I gave him some food & water.  He's taken some water but no food yet. He needs though, to have medical attention and a place to foster him.

We just rescued one a couple weeks ago, and do not have any place we can keep him, or keep the other dogs off him. Can someone help?

This isn't just something you see about Michael Vick's dogs, or something that you see on TV, this is REAL. He's in my yard now. I cannot imagine the emptiness of the soul of someone who calls themselves a human & does this - or allows this to be done to - an animal.

Please help if you can.



As is many times the case, the person who initially gave this dog shelter found someone to take him him by advocating directly with a rescue.   He didn't wait for someone else to solve the 'problem.'

* "But, he did make it here, and Angels of Assisi  agreed to take him almost immediately.  My contact there said that he's a tough guy, and that he's got a tremendous will to live."    Steve

September 28, 2010

From the Angels of Assisi

Trooper Biscuit

"In the middle of the Bedford rescue yesterday, a kind volunteer named Steve brought us this brave little dog, now named Trooper.  All 32 pounds of him are covered in puncture wounds, abrasions, and skin infections. I f you can look past the awfulness of what happened to him, you will find some very trusting eyes and a will to get better. Although he had to be carried from the car, he tried with all his might to stand up for us.

Dr. Kelly Farrell, who is visiting the area on vacation, spent 3 hours working on Trooper yesterday. He spent the night sedated and will be on IV's for a while. The sheriff and animal control have been notified, and we hope they can find whoever let this happen.

Thank you, Steve, for having a big ole' heart, and saving Trooper. And Dr, Farrell, you have always been special to us, and we appreciate you more than words can say."

October 19, 2010 -  Update on Trouper Biscuit

November 10, 2010 -  Update on Trouper —  a new level  "While his wounds continue to improve, there was one place under his jaw that was not healing. The good folks at Big Lick Veterinary Services took him back for another surgery, and found this, a bullet fragment."

November 26, 2010 - Trouper —  Then and Now

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