Saturday, February 19, 2011

Notes from the Wheelbarrow

After the big brouhaha about Facebook pictures of CMPD Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department's Animal Care and Control animals there was a nanosecond of sensitivity re photos taken of incoming dogs. So that those going to CMPD's Animal Care and Control's web site to click on the big red button that says "Look For Your Lost Pet" might not see their lost dog in front of a wheelbarrow used to place bodies of destroyed animals. Albeit draped with black material. That sensitivity has disappeared. Along with Joe Gibson's dog DIESEL. Guess some of the workers didn't get the memo. Sphere: Related Content


  1. That sure is a nice looking dog. I hope they give him some food! Not sure if I'd want to eat next to the stench of death coming from a loosely covered wheelbarrow though.

  2. Maybe if the kennel attendants and vet techs took fewer smoke breaks they would have time to take the dogs to a more appropiate photographic area.