Monday, March 7, 2011

I ask Great Spirit

If you do not like unpleasant photographs move on. If you honor Great Spirit and the four-leggeds who walk this earth beside us please take a good look. Then call SC Governor Nikki Haley's office. 803-734-2100. Respectfully voice your disappointment that SLED declines to intervene in the case of [ up to 22] dogs shot in the head by ACOs in Chesterfield Co SC. Respectfully ask Governor Nikki Haley for an independent investigation. I ask Great Spirit to help me honor the four-leggeds brutally slaughtered in Chesterfield County SC. May there be no more killing. Mitakuye oyasin Sphere: Related Content


  1. Please bless each and every 4 Legged Angel who has passed over the bridge too soon due to the neglect, abuse, torture, murder and inhumane treatment of their precious souls by ignorant human beings.

    Great one, please allow; those who are ignorant - to gain knowledge, those blinded by selfishness - to see what their selfishness breeds in our society, those who abuse - to feel the pain they inflict upon the defenseless, those who neglect - to know neglect, those who kill - to know loss as deep as the loss felt by those who cherished the souls they have taken.


  2. Thank you 4LeggedAngels. Prayers will be heard. Especially today for those whose bodies lie in the Chesterfield Co SC landfill. Brutally slaughtered by two-leggeds who do not walk the Red Path. Great Spirit always hears prayers for the four-leggeds. Mitakuye oyasin.

  3. Samantha, adding a link to this on Watchdogging for Justice. Thank you for all your are doing to create awareness. You are making a difference. The image hurts, but we can't turn a blind eye. I've been praying for all of the darkness about what's been going on there comes into the light quickly. The only peace I have right now is knowing there are many working to expose it to others and imploring people to contact the "official" powers that be. It's in the hands of the AG now, so the more concerned citizens that contact him now, the better. Time is of the essence. God bless.