Monday, March 28, 2011

One little guy in Tennessee —

BJ was named after his dad, BRAVO. Who was married to BJ's Mom PEACHES. BRAVO, JR. was shortened to BJ by the caregivers at Kingsport Animal Shelter in Kingsport, TN. His parents were confiscated during a cruelty case investigation two years ago. BJ was born and raised in the kennels, adopted out as a puppy when he was eight months old. He was returned last week with neck wounds, which are being treated. According to the owner, BJ had disappeared a month ago, then showed back up at his house on Saturday March 19. The owner surrendered BJ because he said he was aggressive towards his Min Pin. Caregivers report that BJ is very sweet tempered and loves two-leggeds. He recognized the shelter staff — and seemed relieved to be back with them. Here are more pictures of BJ, whose favorite song is "Penguins" by Lyle Lovett. Number 14 on videos link. BJ is available for adoption or transfer to rescue. Please contact the shelter at 423-247-1671. One little guy in Tennessee needs your help. Sphere: Related Content

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