Sunday, October 28, 2012

Music. Crickets. And Lady.

Reflecting again today on the healing power of music.  For dogs. For their two-legged guardians.  Remembered Machu Picchu Impressions, with a background of environmental sounds digitally recorded by Rusty Crutcher. During the harmonic convergence in Machu Picchu, Peru. August, 1987. He just had to go. I, we, are so very glad he did. "This music is dedicated to all earth's creatures who make up our living orchestra." Rusty Crutcher

It's a tough sell to convince a traditionally modeled shelter that dogs in one or more buildings would benefit from adding a six CD boom box with music  — Native American mostly, some Deva Premal, Love is Space.  But if you provide the necessary elements and no cash is needed someone will let you try it. The results are amazing. For the owner surrendered dogs in shell shock. For the strays once city property now transferred in, once beloved by someone. Before they were picked up by an AC van, taken to the muni shelter, then to the not so muni shelter.

The crickets singing on two tracks of Macchu Picchu Impressions recorded multiple times on a 90 minute CD]-- will put dogs in a daycare setting to sleep in about three minutes. First one then another drops down to Sphinx position, signaling their brothers,  who in turn also lay down, then one by one they all slowly drop their heads and stop. Rest. Nap. Sometimes we two-leggeds forget to do the same. Stop. Rest. Regenerate. Let our hearts beat with all things bright and beautiful. When I forget to do that Lady takes it upon herself to solemnly and oftentimes most mischievously let me know I am just too damn busy with matters of great importance. As spoke The Little Prince. Saw a heart stopping picture of a fifteen year old beauty named Sally swimming in a lake a month or so ago.  Made me remember that matters of great importance are never as important as they seem. And by the way, Darren husband of Michelle and father of Tori and Alex you are a prince among men. Truly. Namaste. Sphere: Related Content

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