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Dog biscuits and a pink folder — Vick owns a dog again

Michael Vick apparently has a new dog

Chris Chase, USA TODAY Sports
2:28AM EST October 7. 2012

Photo courtesy Crossing Broad via @MikeVick

" - Unless somebody in Michael Vick's house has an interesting palate, it appears the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is back in the dog-owning business."

[This link provided by USA Today Sports]
Michael Vick has spent $29 million since filing for bankruptcy

"Vick posted a Twitter picture Thursday night of himself and his daughter hard at work at the kitchen table. Dad was looking at game film on an iPad. Daughter appears to be doing some homework. And sitting on the table, in plain view, is a box of opened Milk-Bone dog biscuits. (It's next to a pink folder with puppies on it.)"

"It's not hard to connect the dots from there.  The picture was quickly deleted and replaced by a similar, biscuit-less one, showing Vick has enough sense to realize his dog ownership is a matter that's best left private (for now at least).  Luckily, the good folks at Crossing Broad caught the first tweet and saved the picture.
(We added the arrow.)"

"Vick was not allowed to own a dog under the terms of his probation. That three-year sentence ended in July, freeing him to own an animal.   The fact that he evidently took advantage of this surely won't sit well with some people; I'm not one of them. Vick paid his debt and is rehabilitated in the eyes of the court, and that's good enough for me. Where would the "he should never own a dog" faction like it to end? Restraining orders from PetSmart? An electronic tracking bracelet that alerts authorities any time he walks past a dog park? A V-chip that prevents him from watching Animal Planet?"

"What bothers me most is the negligence of leaving that box on the table. Someone went to the trouble of blurring the screen of Vick's video playbook but couldn't slide the biscuits six inches to the right? That's terrible Twit-planning

— unless this is some sort of brilliant viral marketing by Milk-Bone, in which case, I doff my cap."    52 comments thus far on the USA Today carried a more comprehensive story yesterday.  Please do click and read.   Mike Vick apparently owns a dog again  This story initially used the same picture as the one above.  Early this morning the photo had been replaced.  Hmm. tweaked the headline a tad.  Four paws up.  Four hyper links in this story.  Interesting reading.

As of 7:41 pm today 750 people "like" the NBC story on Facebook, story has been tweeted 87 times, and there are 99 reader responses.   750 thumbs up by readers,  392 thumbs down. 

Backstory.  2007.  NFL star indicted over dog fight
"According to the indictment, dogs that didn't show enough fighting spirit, or that lost matches, were put to death by a variety of methods, including shooting, drowning, hanging and electrocution. Prosecutors allege that on one occasion earlier this year, Vick participated in killing eight dogs."

2009.  Second Chance for Vick?  Another story.

Swimming pool shadows -- Michael Vick

(Photo: Crossing Broad via @MikeVick)

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