Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One lady and 28 Rottweilers — Alabama

Story —  33 sentient beings were to be euthanized, by order of St. Clair County District Judge Alan Furr issued on October 2nd.  One lady decided this was just not gonna happen on her watch.

She hired an attorney and filed a motion Wednesday October 3rd in an attempt to  keep these dogs from being euthanized.  Her motion was denied on Thursday October 4th.  The judge ruled she had no standing in the case;  only Birmingham-Jackson County Animal Control, the DA or the original owner could file a petition with the court.

So.  She went to BJC Animal Control where the dogs have been housed since September 20th.  After she reached an agreement with Animal Control — Dr. Rachel Nelson would assume financial responsibility for housing the dogs, approximately $250 per day, and find a certified animal behaviorist approved by BJCAC's attorney to evaluate the dogs— her attorney drafted a motion and presented it to BJC Animal Control's attorney for approval and filing.  BJC Animal Control then asked the judge to reconsider and allow the dogs to be evaluated individually. 

Dr. Larry Myers of Auburn University provided his services at no charge to Dr. Nelson.  He made the two hour drive from Auburn to Birmingham on Monday October 8th,  evaluated the dogs,  his findings given to the court.  On Thursday October 11 Judge Alan Furr ruled that BJC Animal Control would decide the fate of the 28 remaining Rottweilers seized from a home in Leeds on September 20, reversing his previous order.  Five had been euthanized for aggression and medical issues which would have prevented potential adoption.

The staff at BJCAC have worked tirelessly with these dogs — giving them time, space and love.   On October 12th nineteen of the twenty eight Rottweilers left the building Eleven went to Crossroads Animal Hospital, two are staying at Chelsea Animal Hospital and six are staying at  2-80 Animal Medical Center.

After medical evaluations by Dr. Nelson and the other veterinarians working with her these guys will be transferred to rescue and adopted out.  Spay/ neuter surgeries being performed this week.

As the eleven at Crossroads find homes or go to rescue the remaining nine at Birmingham-Jackson County Animal Control will be transferred to Crossroads.  And then they too will find homes.  Damn fine day in Alabama.

If you would like to make a donation to help the Leeds Rottweilers go here

Dr. Nelson and the folks at Crossroads Hospital are taking pictures of these guys every day.  Stay tuned. 

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  1. I neglected to mention that Birmingham-Jackson County Animal Control decided to give Dr. Nelson discounted rates on boarding fees for the Leeds Rottweilers. Big hat tip to agency.

  2. 35 pictures of the Leeds Rottweilers from the Crossroads Animal Hospital album are on Rebecca Nix Mack's FB page. Twenty eight lives saved in ten days. Dr. Rachel Nelson. Bright shining star. We heart you.

  3. Ohhh. Crossroads Animal Hospital album of the Leeds Rottweilers. 117 photographs. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151286095590348.525439.132550445347&type=3