Sunday, November 25, 2012

like giant search beams in the sky

like giant search beams in the sky there are always other pictures.  just keep scrolling.

Animal Rescue Corps - photo by Amiee Stubbs
Funny thing about holidays.  If you have family you go wherever they are.  If you can.  If you don't have family - maybe someone invites you to their home.
If you've lost someone holidays are  unsettling. Wisps and unruly tendrils of conversations and pictures and afternoons and laughter blow across your face and refuse to be tamed.  When the distractions and the people who've opened their homes and hearts to you fade to black those wisps become splinters.  And the blue gray maya landscape of denial protecting you flies out the window.
Yesterday a little after noon I read about 65 dogs in Tennessee.   No amount of inside chores and outside Edna-ing picking up sticks in my leaf engulfed yard could stem the tide - 65 dogs in Tennessee rescued from a suspected dog fighting operation.  65 dogs in Tennessee surrounded by a brush fire on Thanksgiving.

But then as almost always now when walking through the valley of the shadow of - I remember Nigel.  Nigel Buggers.   A Decade of Nigel.   Because in moments like these the only thing to do if you don't want to drown is turn to those far flung stars that light up life like giant search beams in the sky.  Like Nigel.  And Life With Dogs.  Because his stories make you laugh. Sometimes flat out howl like a Basset and snortle like a female pig going to ground for truffles. Because Life With Dogs tells stories of love and hope and  inspiration.  Stories that may not always have a happy ending but always have a reason.  For being.  For shining.  I thought about how Nigel and Life With Dogs would tell the story of the 65 dogs in Tennessee.   And waiting for that story I am smiling at the most wonderful of wonderful white dogs whose picture dots Facebook whenever there's a new LWD story or photograph.   Dear God how we do love stand up guys, don't we, Nigel?  Thank you Cheatham County Animal Control,  Animal Rescue Corps, New Leash on Life, Agape Animal Rescue, The Nashville Zoo, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

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