Sunday, December 9, 2012

Safe — Twenty dogs in Hawkins County Tennessee

Photo courtesty FAMILY TAP.  Not from this fire.
Monday, November 19:  "By the time the sun set Monday evening,  the Hawkins County Short Mountain forest fire — which started Thursday afternoon — had scorched about 2,200 acres west of Rogersville."  

Sunday, November 18:  "While fighting the fire on Sunday, crews came across a property where about 20 dogs were chained to vehicle axles that were buried in the ground. They called the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office, which sent deputies to investigate."

Firefighters in the Tennessee's Division of Forestry and deputies in the Sheriff's Department of Hawkins County.  Heroes.

The Sheriff's Department's deputies evacuated the dogs down the mountain to safety .  Took about nine hours.  "The fire was coming across the ridge, and they (firefighters) were worried that if the wind hit the right direction that it would put them dogs in danger," Allen [Chief Deputy Tony Allen] said.  "As a matter of fact, that place did end up burning Sunday night."

All 20 dogs are safe.  Confirmed.   Charvez Franciso has been charged.   Detective John Pruitt is investigating the case.  I believe he is a man who does not back down.

These dogs — as their 65 brothers over in Ashland County over Thanksgiving —were surrounded by fire.  They're real grateful to the firefighters, the deputies, and the people in four counties taking care of them.  So am I Sphere: Related Content

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