Monday, February 21, 2011

Parking lot puppy and Cowboy Ethics

OK. So fair is fair. I headed out to CMPD Animal Care and Control yesterday to assist a friend get some records about a very sad situation. And drive the agency's senior counter agent crazy with my requests for records on another situation, as well as question her about the possibility of resolving yet another situation for which I was not requesting records. So you can see I'm kind of annoying. I'm also on record as having a few issues with this agency. So is my friend Shirley. But I am daughter of Edna, and that means you play fair and speak the truth. As it happens. As you see it. So I gotta go on record and say that when I left, ran into a father and son looking woebegone because they had a puppy they'd found but could not keep and did not want to turn in to the shelter, I stopped, said hello, asked some questions, went inside, and asked the front counter staff of the agency with which I have some issues if there was not somewhere somehow someone who could help me find a home for the pupster so she would not have to go in the system. Annie Oakley introduced me to a lady on a mission to rescue another dog who then asked her — Annie, that is — if she could get the phone number of the lady who runs Lucky Labs Rescue. Which she did. Annie that is. The lady on a mission for another dog came out to the parking lot, met the family, called one of the ladies that founded Lucky Labs Rescue, and that lady agreed to meet the father and son and take in the parking lot puppy. It takes a village. And Cowboy ethics. Thanks to Cedar Posts and Barbwire Fences for hipping me to these. Four paws up, sixteen pads wiggling. Here's looking at you CP.
1 Live each day with courage
2 Take pride in your work
3 Always finish what you start
4 Do what has to be done
5 Be tough, but fair
6 Make a promise, keep it
7 Ride for the brand
8 Talk less and say more
9 Some things aren't for sale
10 Know where to draw the line Sphere: Related Content

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